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About Us

Polatoglu Metal Corporation was founded in 2005 in Istanbul. The principle of honest trade visionary perspective and the principles of being a team has made it a principle and has managed to be a friend first with the institutions and people that it provides service or gives as a result of mutual trust of its young expert and experienced staff. It has proven itself in the sector with the aim of providing service without sacrificing any of the economy speed and quality factors by working at the highest energy and has managed to become one of the strong brands of the sector.


5000m2 closed and 5000m2 open stacking capacity factory and over 385 employees in Baku city Azerbaijan manufacturing and assembly of aluminium facades, aluminium doors/windows, aluminium composite panels, compact laminate panels, automatic sliding and revolving doors, pvc doors/windows, termowood, marble/ceramics, sun shades, louvres, handrails and steel construction systems with this competent machinery and qualified personal does this quickly and successfully.


It is an investment for many years that provides great advantages to investors by starting the project stage of manufacturing and assembly works within its professional working system.


It has adopted itself as a vision to be present at every point in the construction industry and on this path the core values ​​are that it acts with the awareness that innovation perfectionism and diligence.

One of the leading company of suppliers, fabricators and installers of aluminum and glass works in the Azerbaijan.

It reached a turnover of 68 million dollars between 2016 and 2023 and its goal is to reach a turnover of 100 million dollars in the next 5 years. In this direction, another target is the countries it serves; Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia and England crossed the border; It is to reach the markets of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Montonegro and Kuwait and has started the necessary infrastructure studies in order to provide services in these regions.

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